Teoria da regulação econômica. Monopólio natural. Agências reguladoras: a regulação da infraestrutura no Brasil. Origens e fundamentos da defesa da concorrência. Conceitos de mercado relevante e poder de mercado. Eficiência. Concentração. Atos de concentração. O sistema brasileiro de defesa da concorrência e a reformulação recente: a sintonia com a política industrial. 

Discipline addresses innovation as a key element of the competitive process. The competitive dynamic in the various market structures takes on specific formats according to the competitive interests imbricated with the innovative processes over time. Innovative dynamics is not self-determined at the same time as it influences it is influenced by competitive dynamics. It begins with this discussion of the interaction between innovation and competitive processes in oligopolistic markets. Following this approach is rescued from Schumpeter, seeking the root of discussion innovation and competition. Therefore, the discussion adds elements that complicate this relationship (innovation / market) with the notion of cumulative and evolutionary trajectories in complex systems. From this point of view, it addresses the nature of innovation that establishes more or less competitive dynamics in the industrial sectors. Later, the focus is changed for a discussion of competitiveness and innovation focusing on conceptual and analytical aspects. Another relevant aspect to be considered is the competition between technological standards established within market structures. It is not only innovation "per se" that defines the technological standard, but innovation combined with a competitive strategy. Finally, specific cases are discussed.